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Fleur de Liz

There's something punny about that girl.

made of puns and awesomeness
13 November 1985
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Liz is twenty-six, but frequently acts like she's ten. She's five-two-and-a-quarter, dark hair, brown eyes, is left-handed, and drives an electric blue Chevy that looks like the TARDIS.

She graduated cum laude from a Great Place to Be Poor with a BA in English and is certified to be a glorified diaper changer. She teaches infants and toddlers, which is often like herding cats. She got married in the summer of 2010, and she and Mr. Fleur are trying to figure out married life. They bought a condo across from an ice cream stand and still don't have enough room for all their stuff.

She writes fanfic and sometimes draws fanart and maybe someday will actually write something original. Now that she's not in college, she still hasn't written anything original, but she's become a whore for knitting. She has an art/fic journal, but she rarely updates it.

This is Liz's "Stuff I Did Today" journal. Or more like "Stuff I Did These Past Two Weeks and Am Now Getting Caught Up" journal. More recently, it's become the "Stuff I Am Knitting" and "Stuff I Am Cooking" journal.

She used to go by "phoenixfire_lia," which was a lame throwback to her early days of fanfic writing and is now "fleur_de_liz," which is a triumph of punnery.

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